Posted on Sep 13, 2020

I’m an IT passionate since I was a kid. It started with computer hardware, then software development few years later. After learning few languages and frameworks, my love was growing for Ruby and its community, so I decided to look for a position with this language.

I’ve started my professional career at Selectra in 2014, a booming self-funded startup in Paris, as a Ruby on Rails software engineer. As the company was growing fast, I quickly grew along too and became its CTO for four years. I then decided to move to a SysOps position in 2019.

My mission is to bring to our software engineers the best tools to develop, deploy and monitor our applications. I’m also making sure our customers has the best performances at the end and can use our applications in the best conditions on all the 15 countries we are in.

To achieve that, I’m using Terraform, AWS, Kubernetes, DataDog, SemaphoreCI, Docker and even more.

This blog was made to share my knowledge, trying to give back what gave me the opportunity to be where I am today.

Victor Bersy picture